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No One Deserves to Be Teased About Their Ears

You may or may not remember your time in school, but kids and teasing can be relentless, and can really affect a maturing person’s sense of self. Having ears that protrude is an especially easy target for teasing.

And for adults whose parents neglected to have their ears corrected, protruding ears can continue to be a source of insecurity.

That’s why Dr. Malamet offers otoplasty, ear surgery, to correct a variety of conditions with the ears: protruding ears, overly large ears, large or stretched earlobes, wrinkled or creased lobes, lop ear, and shell ear. With his surgical corrections, Dr. Malamet’s patients realize an immediate improvement in self-confidence.

The surgery

ear surgeryOtoplasty is a simple procedure. For children, the surgery is recommended between the ages of five and 14, as the ears are usually fully developed by age five and doing the procedure prior to high school is advisable. In most cases, the surgery involves incisions made behind the ears. From those incisions, a small amount of cartilage is removed or reshaped. With that cartilage removed, the remaining cartilage is sutured into place, pulling the ears closer to the head. Because the incisions are made behind the ears, they are virtually invisible. However, in other cases, incisions may need to be made on the front of the ears, particularly in re-shaping surgeries. If this is necessary, Dr. Malamet tries to hide the incisions in the natural folds and creases of the ears.

Who can have otoplasty

Obviously, children with protruding ears are the usual candidates for otoplasty, but adults whose ears were not pinned when they were kids can also benefit from the surgery. Other people have natural ear defects and opt for reconstructive ear surgery. Some of these congenital ear defects include cat’s ear, cagot ear, scroll ear, cleft earlobe, lop ear, microtia, macrotia, or a constricted ear. Overly large or heavy earrings can also cause torn earlobes, which can be fixed with otoplasty.

Don’t subject your child to the teasing he or she will receive if they have protruding ears. Call Dr. Malamet today at 818-380-3130 and let’s discuss otoplasty.