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Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are used to add volume to temporarily correct hollowing of the cheek and chin areas. Even with proper skin care and sun avoidance, the cheek and chin areas specifically can hollow and create a tired appearance. Facial fillers can enhance the overall appearance of the face and create a younger and fuller appearance. Dr. Matthew Malamet offers a number of facial filler options including:

The Facial Fillers Procedure

Since Dr. Matthew Malamet offers a wide range of facial fillers to treat a number of different issues, facial filler procedures begin with a thorough examination and consultation. Understanding the desired results and expectations of each patient will help Dr. Malamet understand which fillers to use and where to precisely target.

Prior to any injection, a topical numbing cream is utilized to minimize any potential discomfort that may result from the procedure. Once the area is numb, Dr. Malamet carefully injects the respective filler into the affected anatomic area. Facial filler injections take just seconds, and the overall procedure takes a few minutes. While most patients achieve their desired results after just one procedure, some patients may require additional treatments to achieve their very best ideal aesthetic result or outcome.

Facial Filler Key Facts: