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Plastic Surgery Attitudes – Letting Inner Beauty Shine

I’m often asked about attitudes toward plastic surgery – particularly with reference to how attitudes have changed over time. It’s incredibly interesting to see how the kinds of procedures that were once exclusive rarities are now undertaken and carried out without so much as a second thought. Surgery is cheaper, treatment more readily available, and the taboos on the subject have, for the most part, melted away.plastic surgery

However, it’s important to remember that while surgery really is within the reach of the masses, this doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. It’s the duty of every surgeon to ensure that prior to carrying out even a simple procedure the attitudes of the client are acknowledged and taken into account.

As far as I’m concerned, cosmetic surgery is all about letting your inner beauty shine, rather than attempting to turn you into something you’re not. Plastic surgery will, of course, alter certain elements of your aesthetic, but only to such an extent as to deliver the confidence needed for the real you to shine through. Too many people undergo all manner of procedures with the mindset that if they go far enough, a new person will be born. Sadly this doesn’t happen because without inner beauty and confidence, it’s impossible to blossom on the outside.

Cosmetic surgery should be seen as a garnish or an embellishment that can be used to add a touch of something special to an already wonderful package. To approach plastic surgery as a “new-you” vending machine is to take what’s a wonderful gift of the 21st century and turn it into something quite sinister.

The Matthew Malamet MD approach to cosmetic surgery is quite different – it’s inspired and guided by true inner beauty.