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Plastic Surgery Recovery Aids: The Essentials

Recovery following plastic surgery is one of the most crucial factors that will determine whether or not desired outcomes will be achieved.Healing may take from weeks to months, depending on the cosmetic procedure. This period won’t be a pleasant experience due to swelling, bruising, and the appearance of scars. Fortunately, the following recovery aids can help speed up healing and reduce discomfort following plastic surgery:

Compression Garments – These are particularly useful following body contouring surgeries such as liposuction, breast augmentation, buttock lifts, and tummy tucks. Compression garments speed skin healing, prevent complications (hematomas, seromas), and help the skin in the treated area adhere to its new contours. In breast enhancement procedures, compression garments ensure that the implants will settle into the breast pockets properly.

Ice Packs/ Blue Gel Packs – Your plastic surgeon will provide you with specific instructions on when to apply cold compresses to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising. Generally, ice compresses are applied during the first 48 hours following surgery in 15-20 minute increments followed by no ice compresses for the same period of time.

Bandages – Almost all types of plastic surgery will eventually need bandages. Their main role is to keep the surgical site sterile and prevent infection.

Camouflage Makeup – This may prove useful for surgeries in which bruising and swelling are quite obvious, such as in facial cosmetic procedures.

The aforementioned are simply the essentials and you can add components that you think will help you recover quickly.

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