Plastic Surgery Revision

While everyone always wants the very best results from plastic surgery, it just doesn’t always work out perfectly for everyone. Since finding the right plastic surgeon can be difficult, patients may be inclined to settle for the wrong plastic surgeon without doing the proper research. This can lead to results that patients are left unhappy with, and can also make patients self-conscious about their undesirable results. Dr. Matthew Malamet understands the sensitivity patients may have with previous results from plastic surgery and works closely with patients to understand desired results and expectations.

Since each patient’s circumstances will be unique to previous plastic surgery experiences, Plastic Surgery Revision is a highly individualized procedure. Dr. Malamet meets with each patient individually to discuss what went wrong with previous plastic surgery experiences, and the desired results that a patient is trying to achieve. It is only by gaining a full understanding of a patient’s individualized circumstances that Dr. Malamet can devise a plan that will deliver the very best results possible.

How is a plastic surgery revision different from the initial procedure?

Plastic Surgery Revisions differ from the original procedure because additional steps will need to be taken to ensure the desired results are possible given the previous changes. Especially true with rhinoplasty, a rhinoplasty revision can be very difficult because scar tissue will form after the original procedure, and the overall structure of the nose may be weakened. To ensure the very best results, patients should wait for their first procedure to heal completely before seeking a revision.

How does a patient ensure the very best results from plastic surgery revision?

A patient begins by choosing the right plastic surgeon. Having recently completed the prestigious Aesthetic Surgery fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital under the tutelage of Sherrell Aston, Dr. Matthew Malamet is highly qualified to perform plastic surgery revision procedures with confidence. Patients should also be very thorough when explaining what they don’t like about the previous plastic surgery procedure, and what they would like the final result to be. The more that patient’s communicate to Dr. Malamet, the better plan he will be able to develop to achieve the very best results.

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