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Put Your Tired Eyes to Bed

Eyelid SurgeryAs we age the skin and muscles around our eyes sag and lose their tautness. This can make a person look perpetually tired and old. In some cases sagging upper eyelids can even impact vision. Eyelid surgery with Dr. Malamet can change all of that.

Eyelid surgery, formally known as blepharoplasty, removes excess fat, skin, and muscle from the lower and upper eyelids giving them a much younger appearance. It is a quick procedure, lasting only around 45 minutes, but the results are long lasting and very rewarding.

What does eyelid surgery address?

Beyond cosmetic reasons, Dr. Malamet also performs eyelid surgery to correct functional problems with the eyelids. These are the typical areas to address with the procedure:

What is the procedure?

On the upper eyelid, the incision is made in the natural crease, hiding it almost completely. Fat is then repositioned, eyelid muscles are tightened, and excess skin is removed.

On the lower eyelid, the incision can be made just below the eyelash line, at the corner of the eye, or even on the inside of the lid. Like on the upper eyelid, fat is repositioned, muscle tightened, and excess skin trimmed.

On both lids, Dr. Malamet is particularly careful with fat. Removing too much fat can leave a patient with a gaunt, hollow look. He usually repositions most of the fat to create a natural look.

What can I expect from my recovery from blepharoplasty?

Recovery from eyelids surgery is not difficult. Pain is minimal, and swelling can be managed with a cold compress that we provide. Usually within a week most patients are back at work with their co-workers wondering what is different about them. Why? Blepharoplasty can take a decade or more off of a person’s appearance, yet the results are very subtle.

Let’s get rid of that tired look with eyelid surgery by Dr. Malamet. Call us at 818-380-3130 to schedule a consultation.