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/Blog / Putting Excess Fat to Good Use with Autologous Fat Transfer

Putting Excess Fat to Good Use with Autologous Fat Transfer

Being lean or skinny may be sexy but when it comes to certain areas of the body, a bit of plump is actually sexier. If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of excess pockets of fat in certain parts of the body through liposuction, you might also want to consider using the harvested fat to improve the overall appearance of other areas of the body.

It may sound strange at first but the idea of using one’s fat to enhance volume-deficient areas is slowly becoming one of the popular cosmetic procedures not just at our practice in Encino but all over the country.

Autologous fat transfer can successfully be used for the following:

Many patients who have undergone autologous fat transfer preferred to use fat rather than fillers or implants because there is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

Finding an experienced plastic surgery team for fat transfer

Although the procedure may sound easy, how the harvested fat is treated before it gets re-injected is important. Trust a plastic surgery team that is experienced and highly knowledgeable in the techniques of fat transfer to make sure optimum outcomes are achieved.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to learn more about putting your own fat to good use! We invite you to get in touch with us for a personal consultation. Dr. Matthew Malamet serves patients from Encino, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Call us at 818.380.3130 to set up an appointment today!