Quick Ways To Look Thinner Without Losing Weight

girl-green-dressDid you know that there are plenty of ways to look thinner without shedding any pounds? Start looking slimmer today—here’s what you can do.

  • Add strength training to your workouts – Strength training helps you tone your whole body and often you can lose inches from your waist and thighs even if you don’t loose any pounds. Lift weights if you like or try bodyweight exercises like yoga and pilates. Most exercises that build your strength will also improve your appearance.
  • Wear solid, dark colors – The little black dress is a fashion staple for a reason. Black, like other dark solid colors, is slimming. These colors are particularly slimming if you wear an outfit that is all one color. That way nothing breaks your body up into blocks—instead you create one longer, leaner line.
  • Lift your breasts – drooping breasts can make you look older and bulkier. Lifting your breasts will make your waist appear more slender. In many cases all you’ll need is a bra that actually fits you well. Get professionally measured and invest in some high quality bras. If your breasts have drooped because of age, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, a bra might have a lot of work to do on its own. Instead, consider a breast lift. This procedure can improve your appearance without altering the size of your breasts. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Malamet if you’re interested.
  • Improve your posture – Something as simple as slouching can make you look heavier. Keep your back straight, shoulders back and relaxed, chin up, and tummy in to look slimmer without changing outfits.
  • Put on a pair of heels – Heels lengthen your legs and help you maintain good posture. This makes you look longer and leaner. For maximum effect, opt for nude heels that match your skin tone. This will make your legs look as long and thin as possible.
  • Choose fitted clothing – It can be tempting to wear bulky clothing if you’re self conscious about your size, but fitted clothing is much more flattering. Invest in high quality clothing that fits you well. If you want to hide your curves, opt for a trim blazer instead of a baggy blouse.
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