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Reconstructing the Nipple and Areola

After breast reconstruction, often the nipple and areola need to be reconstructed. While recreating a replica of these areas of the breast, Dr. Malamet uses some advanced techniques to create as realistic a nipple/areola complex as is possible.

What is a reconstruction of the nipple and areola area of the breasts?

The goal after breast reconstruction is a natural-looking final result. This provides the quickest way for the patient to move on past her traumatic cancer treatments and mastectomy surgery. Obviously, although D. Malamet can create very realistic replacements, the nipples won’t have the function of natural nipples. And they will not have the sensation of natural nipples. This reconstruction is purely aesthetic.

The reconstruction procedure

Dr. Malamet has different options depending on the patient’s situation. In cases where the patient has had a single mastectomy, it is possible to harvest a portion of the natural nipple to assist in creating balance and symmetry. In cases were a nipple needs to be fully created, Dr. Malamet uses various techniques including skin grafts, tattoos, CV flap, and double opposing flaps.

When is this surgery performed?

Nipple and areola reconstruction is performed as a separate surgery after breast reconstruction. It is an outpatient procedure usually performed from 3-4 months after surgery. This timeframe allows the new breast time to heal.


Ideally, Dr. Malamet’s recreated new nipple and areola seeks to match the position, size, shape, texture, color, and projection of the new nipple with the natural nipple (or the other, if both nipples are being reconstructed).

The tissue used to rebuild the nipple and areola comes from the newly created breast, or occasionally from another area of the body such as the inner thigh. Tattooing can be done a few months after the surgery to add color to the new areola.

If you may need nipple and areola reconstruction, trust the surgical expertise of Dr. Malamet. Call our Encino offices with any questions you may have, (818) 380-3130.