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Proper Skin Care Following Rhinoplasty

For Encino rhinoplasty patients, choosing to have the surgery is such an exciting and empowering decision. The shape of the nose affects so many other aspects of the face that the difference is striking, and the change gives people tremendous self-confidence in their appearance after the procedure.

Small wonder then that skin care questions are frequently asked following rhinoplasty procedures. The patient may have pre-existing skin conditions such as acne, eczema, dry skin or blackheads (to cite a few common issues) that they are currently managing with a daily skin regimen. Following your rhinoplasty procedure, your nose will be covered in a protective wrap for about a week, so no skin care can be done on the nose during that time. You can gently follow your skin care routine for the rest of your face and neck while the wrap is on, being careful to follow Dr. Malamet’s instructions on avoiding water on the protective wrap itself. When the cast is removed, you may continue your skin care routine, but double check your products or medication with your plastic surgeon during consultation so that they know everything you’re using and can make certain no modifications need to be made. For the most part, gentle skin care and cleaning can and should be performed. If you’ve been following a good skin care routine leading up to your rhinoplasty, those good habits will serve you well during your recovery. If you haven’t, there is no time like the present and Dr. Malamet may be able to either recommend a regimen or refer you to an aesthetician who can.

If you do any type of waxing, this should not be impacted long term by your rhinoplasty but a good rule of thumb is to wait about two weeks before resuming any facial waxing. Don’t feel disconcerted if you have blemishes or blackheads on your nose following the protective wrap coming off. This is not unusual. Try and resist the urge to pop, pick at, or pinch any blemishes on the healing nose as the skin is very tender and fragile in its healing state.

Schedule your consultation for your Encino rhinoplasty with Dr. Malamet to discuss the care of your skin in conjunction with your rhinoplasty procedure.