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Smaller Breasts Without the Scarring

Overly large breasts can be nothing but a burden, both physically and emotionally. But breast reduction surgery can involve extensive scarring, which many potential patients aren’t interested in. In some cases, however, Dr. Malamet can perform breast reduction using the only liposuction to reduce breast size without the scars. Maybe that could work for you.

Breast reduction

There are different circumstances involved with most breast reductions. In some cases, the woman has more glandular breast mass. The weight of this mass has likely also stretched the skin and muscles supporting the breasts. In these cases, a traditional surgical breast reduction is necessary, both to remove the glandular tissue and the excess, stretched skin.

But in other cases, the patient has a good deal of fat and fatty tissue. In these cases, the breasts can be reduced using just liposuction.

What Dr. Malamet looks for

During your consultation, Dr. Malamet will perform a full examination of your breasts to determine if liposuction can achieve the reduction you desire. He will carefully examine the surrounding tissue and skin to ascertain if these tissues can regain or retain their elasticity after the excess fat and tissue are removed. This skin needs to be able to rebound to give you the natural-looking, but smaller breasts you desire. If the skin is stretched, however, removing mass with liposuction will only leave you with sunken, flattened breasts.

The liposuction reduction

During the procedure, most patients need only be under local anesthesia. Dr. Malamet makes small, carefully placed incisions at strategic locations on the breasts. He then inserts a small, hollow tube with suction, called a cannula, into the incisions and removes excess fat and tissue. This is where Dr. Malamet’s extensive experience comes into play, as it’s important for a natural final appearance that the fat and tissue be removed equally to create a natural look. Scars are very small, and quickly fade to the point of not being able to be seen.

Breast Reduction Results

Breast reduction with liposuction isn’t tasked with changing the shape of the breasts. The goal is to end up with smaller breasts that are somewhat lifted. Once the weight of the fat and tissue is removed, the natural elasticity of the skin can cause the breasts to become slightly elevated. The result is natural-looking smaller breasts without the scarring and lengthy recovery involved with traditional breast reduction surgery.

Tired of having overly large breasts? Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 to schedule a consultation on breast reduction and the possible use of liposuction.