Three Important Things You Must Know About Facelifts

shutterstock_130190102Facelifts have been a part of cosmetic surgery for a long time, but there is some confusion about the surgery and expectations of the procedure.

  • Patience is necessary following a facelift. It takes a significant amount of time before your desired outcomes will fully show themselves. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have major bruising and swelling all over your face immediately after surgery. If a surgeon promises quick facelift results, you need to seek another surgeon.
  • A facelift cannot address all kinds of facial aging issues. A standard facelift works really well in improving skin elasticity and facial volume in the middle and lower thirds of the face. However, concerns that affect the upper third of the face — forehead wrinkles and creases — respond better to a brow lift than a standard facelift.
  • The desired outcomes in a facelift vary from one person to another. Factors such as skin elasticity, status of general health, and lifestyle habits influence the rate at which you heal following surgery, as well as the final results.

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