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Tightening the Neck and Chin

neck lift Weak chins. Come on. Who wants one of those? We don’t have to be chiseled like Mt. Rushmore, but a little definition wouldn’t hurt.

And just down from our chin, our neck can also not like aging so much. Since the neck muscles and skin don’t have a bone under them to at least lie on, our necks can be the first area to really start sagging and showing its age. Gravity may be good for keeping us from flying off into space, but our necks aren’t fans.

But you don’t have to hide away — Dr. Malamet can do something about your jowl-y chin and hanging neck with the combination of a neck lift and chin augmentation.

What are the benefits of a neck lift and chin augmentation?

Since the neck and chin are so close together, it’s not bad to think of both when contemplating your aging issues.

Here’s what these procedures can do for you:

Different techniques

For the neck lift, Dr. Malamet usually makes a small incision underneath the chin that is commonly hidden within the natural creases of the chin, as well as another incision behind each ear. The skin and muscle tissue is then lifted upward and outward in the neck and lower cheeks. Excess skin is removed.

Patients with more excess fat, but good skin tone, usually have a double chin (think Jobba the Hut). In these cases, Dr. Malamet can use liposuction alone. This results in nearly invisible mini scars.

Neck banding can be repaired by removing the muscle bands or repositioning them.

When chin augmentation is included, either the bone is repositioned or a silicone implant is placed. Repositioning of the patient’s jawbone provides the more dramatic correction. When placing an implant, the incision is made either under the chin or inside the lower lip. Augmentation can also be done with dermal fillers, although their results are not permanent.

Interested in regaining some youth in the lower face and neck? Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 today and schedule a consultation.