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Tuck that Tummy

Certain things are hallmarks of aging — forgetting where you’re sometimes going when you’re already driving in your car, more gray hair seemingly every day, incredulity at the size and age of your children who just yesterday (you swear) were in elementary school…and a pooch on your tummy.

Yes, whether you had children or not, aging delivers a pooch on your lower abdomen. It’s just a fact of aging. The muscles and skin in the area just aren’t what they once were.

A tummy tuck with Dr. Malamet can tighten things back up. He can’t put your kids back in 5th grade, though!

Slackening tissue

As we age, we lose muscle strength. That isn’t just for lifting weights, but also just the inherent tautness that keeps our stomach trim, that supports our lower back, that keeps our upper arms firm, areas all over our bodies. Where our lower abdomen was once pretty much taut, it now has a definite sag.

This can happen much quicker when a woman has a child. A large amount of weight consolidated in the lower stomach area strains the muscles to the degree that they can’t return to their former tautness. This is what the tummy tuck procedure was developed to address.

But that doesn’t mean it has to follow a pregnancy. An older age pooch is just as the relevant reason to opt for surgery with Dr. Malamet.

Mini may be enough

Depending on the degree of muscle stretching that has occurred, you’ll have options for your tummy tuck procedure. If you’ve had children earlier in your life and now you’re also a decade or two older, you’ll probably need a full tummy tuck. But if your pooch is more minor and seemingly in the lower abdomen only, it’s possible a mini tuck could be enough.

The procedure

The difference between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck is the incision location and length. In a full tummy tuck, Dr. Malamet usually makes two incisions: one from hipbone to hipbone running roughly along the bikini line, and a second one at the belly button. The skin is lifted, and the underlying muscles that have become overly stretched or even separated are sewn back together in the center of your abdomen. Then the skin is pulled down from both incisions, and excess skin is trimmed away.

In a mini tuck, only the lower incision is made, and it usually can be a shorter length.

Forgetting where you hid the Halloween candy so your husband wouldn’t eat it may be a necessary part of aging, but a pooch in your lower stomach doesn’t have to be. Call Dr. Malamet, 818-380-3130, and set up a consultation for a tummy tuck.