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/Blog / Using Botox for ‘Gummy’ Smile

Using Botox for ‘Gummy’ Smile

Botox for Gummy Smile - Matthew Malamet MDEver wondered if something could be done to improve your overly gummy smile? Some people are under the impression that having your gums cut and re-shaped by a specialist is the only option. Plastic surgeons have mixed opinions, but most agree that with a highly skilled surgeon, Botox is one option for curing your gummy smile.

A gummy smile is a result of vertical maxillary access. When injected very precisely and judiciously within the labii muscle (near the junction of your nostrils and cheek) Botox can lower the upper lip and help it cover your gums when you smile. The dose must be calculated very carefully and by an incredibly skilled and qualified plastic surgeon. Your Encino plastic surgeon may also choose to place a very small amount in the midline of your upper lip where it meets the nose (columella) because that will help bring down the center of your upper lip.

One of the dangers of using a surgeon that is not highly experienced injecting Botox is over injecting the Botox. This will cause the muscles of your lips to be paralyzed to the point that animation of your lips will be inhibited. An unskilled injector may also lower the upper lip too far, adversely affecting your ability to sing or play an instrument. The worst result of not finding an experienced, certified injector is your Botox injection could leave you with an asymmetrical smile.

If you are tired of being embarrassed to smile because of your gummy smile, please make an appointment today with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Matthew Malamet MD to see if Botox is the right treatment for you! Feel more confident and smile more frequently after your Botox injection in Encino.