Using Dermal Fillers for Lip Augmentation

 Facial Fillers Encino, CAEveryone would like to have lips like Angelina Jolie. Unfortunately, many of us are born with thin, shapeless lips. Or, with age, our lips have lost volume, as happens in other areas across the face. Or, we’re blessed with lips that lack symmetry from side to side.

Lip augmentation is nothing new. In the past, people have used collagen and fat injections. Silicone implants are still placed, as well. But increasingly it’s dermal fillers that are the augmentation of choice. Compared with collagen and fat, dermal fillers are safer and provide longer-lasting results. Dr. Malamet prefers to use hyaluronic acid fillers for lip augmentation.

What are hyaluronic acid fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is responsible for hydrating and “plumping” the skin. Hyaluronic acid binds with water molecules to do this. That’s what makes these fillers perfect for the lips, as that hydration naturally plumps the lips.

Dr. Malamet uses primarily Juvederm Ultra XC for providing more plumping to the lips. A newer offering, Juvederm Volbella XC, is also designed for the lips and provides additional volume but in a more subtle way. Restylane Silk is also a popular choice for lip augmentation. There are other hyaluronic acid filler options: Belotero Balance, HylaForm, Elevess, Prevelle Silk, and Captique.

Benefits of hyaluroic acid fillers in lip augmentation

Dr. Malamet uses hyaluronic acids fillers to add shape, structure, and volume to the lips. These are the benefits of these fillers:

  • Control over volume— The amount of filler being injected can be precisely controlled to manage the increased volume.
  • Gradual increase— So that the results don’t overwhelm, patients often opt to have very gradual increases made over a series of appointments, rather than a large increase all in one visit.
  • Bumps dissolve— Because hyaluronic acid can be dissipated with an injection of an enzyme, bumps and lumps can be easily removed.
  • Half-year results— Most hyaluronic acid filler results last for around six months.
  • Less swelling and bruising— These fillers are gentler on the patient.
  • Unlikely allergic reactions— Because hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human body, these fillers very rarely cause any sort of allergic reaction.

You don’t have to live with your thin, shapeless lips. Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 and let’s give them a little Angelina Jolie treatment!

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