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Weight Loss Surgery – Why Nature Knows Best

Tummy Tuck Techniques - Matthew Malamet, MDSometimes those considering plastic surgery are using surgery in lieu of hard work and commitment. This is particularly true with weight loss surgery. Often, a potential patient looks to use surgery to lose weight rather than adopt behavior changes such as a healthier diet, possibly cutting down on alcohol intake, and getting some exercise.

This kind of attitude fits perfectly with unethical cosmetic surgeons who seek to expand business without really caring about the whys behind the desires of their patients. Responsible surgeons, however, are firmly committed to advising and guiding potential clients in accordance with what’s in their best interests, rather than the surgeon’s. That is my philosophy. Here, rather than simply agreeing to any and all client requests blindly, we’re wholly committed to finding the best approach to a patient’s problems.

Mother Nature knows best when it comes to looking after our bodies – we need only give her the chance to do so. As such, we’d never suggest that surgery is the only, or even the primary, answer for weight loss if you haven’t already tried to help yourself the natural way.

We’re always here to offer impartial, professional advice on all matters of body reshaping, regardless of whether or not this includes surgery.