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/Blog / What is done if breast implants rupture or tear?

What is done if breast implants rupture or tear?

All FDA approved breast implants, both saline and silicone breast implants, are made with a silicone outer gel that is very durable. However, in some cases, it is possible for a breast implant to rupture or tear over time. The course of action that is taken will greatly depend on the type of breast implant. With the relatively new silicone implants, it can even be more difficult to tell if an implant has ruptured. While ruptures are uncommon, they can be corrected with breast implant replacement at Dr. Matthew Malamet’s Encino or Beverly Hills plastic surgery office.

Beginning with the most common type of implants, silicone implants do not leak into the system if they are ruptured. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to even know if the implant has ruptured. FDA approved, modern silicone implants are designed to maintain their size and shape in cases of rupture, and an MRI may be necessary to determine the severity of a tear or rupture. Since these implants are designed to not leak when ruptured, there are no additional health risks associated with silicone breast implants.

Since saline (sterile salt water) is a liquid, a rupture or tear in a saline implant is typically much more noticeable, with patients experiencing a deflated appearance. When a saline implant ruptures, the saline leaks into the body and is naturally absorbed. Saline does not pose additional health risks, and a breast implant replacement surgery can correct the deflated appearance of breasts.

New technologies have given breast implants a longer life, and ruptures are even more uncommon today. The materials used are stronger and safer than ever before. If you are considering breast augmentation in Encino or Beverly Hills, but you are concerned about potentially rupturing an implant, Schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Matthew Malamet. He meets with each patient individually to discuss any risks and concerns prior to breast augmentation surgery.