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What To Expect After Drastic Weight Loss

Losing drastic amounts of weight can completely change your life. Many of these changes are wonderful—common benefits include: boosted confidence, less stress on your joints, clothes that fit better, more energy, increased life expectancy, improved appearance, and better overall health. However, losing a huge amount of weight can come with some surprises—whether you’ve spent months or years dieting and exercising or you’ve made the bold decision to get weight loss surgery, there are a few things you should know.


Here’s what you should expect after losing a substantial amount of weight:

Many Things Will Be Better 

Reaching a healthy weight comes with many benefits, and you’ll start to experience the rewards that come with reaching your goal. You’ll likely feel more energetic and have less chronic pain, and your risk for many health issues will go down.

Some Things Will Stay The Same 

Losing weight can improve your life, but it won’t change who you are. Some days will be happy, some will be sad, sometimes you’ll feel confident, and sometimes you’ll feel self-conscious. The people who really loved you and supported you before, will be there for you now. While taking steps to lose weight will improve your health and your appearance, don’t expect everything to be magically different.

You May Need To Spend A Lot On Clothing 

Shopping for clothes can be fun, but replacing your entire wardrobe can be expensive so you should prepare your budget. You’ll likely need new everything—underwear, bras, blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, and seasonal clothes. Some people who lose a lot of weight even find that they need new shoes.

You May Look Older 

There is a reason people use the term ‘baby fat.’ Losing a lot of weight can make you look older, especially if you lose fat from your face. The benefits of reaching a healthy weight far outweigh the downsides, but if you want to preserve your youthful appearance, take especially good care of your skin, and consider procedures like cheek implants that can rejuvenate your face.

There Might Be A Lot Of Excess Skin 

After all your hard work, you deserve to be able to show off your brand new body, but excess skin may leave you feeling self-conscious. Unfortunately, in some cases, no amount of diet and exercise can get rid of the extra skin—the older you are, the harder it gets. If you want your appearance to accurately reflect the new you, consult Dr. Malamet about post-bariatric body contouring. This procedure isn’t actually one procedure—instead, it is an individualized combination of procedures designed to target your specific problem areas and give you the body you deserve.


Losing a lot of weight is an accomplishment to be proud of, but be sure you are prepared for the surprises that come with it. Schedule a consultation to learn more about post-bariatric body contouring and getting a body you can be proud of.