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Why Not?

Years ago, getting tan was all young women thought about, they would gather their gear and find a place to lay where the sun would hit them just right. Aluminum sheets, baby oil tinted with iodine and finding just the right position to get the highest exposure to the palest area, was just routine.


It didn’t matter how miserable you were, frying in the sun was expected if you were part of the cool crowd. If you peeled afterwards, the solution was to use more oil. Wow, a generation of women with cowhide skin ascended and it was years before they acknowledged it was self-inflicted.

Cosmetic creams, lotions and a homemade mixture of hydrogen peroxide with lemon juice were supposed to repair that ugly skin. Well, it didn’t and more and more people came to realize that plastic surgery was the only way to get satisfactory results.

Acceptability and Accessibility

Some may think the popularity of plastic surgery has lessened over the past few years. Quite the opposite, it has increased and the improvements have extended to include most of the body. From hairlines down, there are requests for changes to be made.

The opportunity to buy back your youth is a gift men and women, young and old appreciate. The decisions on how young is too young is still up for discussion, and often depends on the person and the procedure.

Too old? Is that really possible, I think not. If you are aware enough to know what you want transformed, then you are young enough to get it done.

Financing options now make it accessible when it was limited only to those of significant wealth in the past. The acceptance of improving your looks has increased too, and in fact, if you don’t get something done when you need it, everyone wonders why not.