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Will insurance pay for a breast reduction?

Breast Reduction - Matthew Malamet, MDDo you suffer from back pain, aching shoulders, pinched nerves, or consistent headaches? Your over-sized breasts could be the culprit. Many Encino women suffer from these and other ailments secondary to their extremely large breasts. The good news is that your insurance may cover a breast reduction procedure for you. The bad news is too many insurance companies will make you and your breast reduction surgeon jump through hoops to get the operation pre-authorized.

The obvious contingency for having your breast reduction covered by your insurance agency is that it needs to be a documented as medically necessary. What you may not have known is that prior to authorizing the procedure, some agencies will ask you to lose a specific amount of weight based on your height and weight measurements as well as trying other alternative solutions to your ailments like yoga, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture therapy, etc. Your surgeon will be required to request a pre-authorization for your procedure, attaching as much evidence as possible regarding your condition. This evidence must prove that the breast reduction procedure will relieve you of your symptoms. Once you have jumped through all of the previously mentioned hoops there is another contingency many insurance companies will place on your breast reduction procedure. Usually the insurance company will only pay if you are having an extremely dramatic reduction. For example, an F- cup down to a C- cup. This is a reduction of five hundred grams or more.

Although this process is incredibly time consuming and at times could be a bit discouraging, women who suffer because of their breast size are urged to be diligent in pursuing the operation. Women who have undergone this procedure overwhelming agree that it has augmented their quality of life.

Only an experienced and qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Matthew Malamet, MD in Encino is suited to help you determine a healthy size for your breast reduction. If you are ready to be relieved of the aches and pains that your over-sized breasts are causing you, please call Dr. Malamet today and let him help take a little weight off your shoulders.