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/Blog / Winter is a Great Time for an Arm Lift

Winter is a Great Time for an Arm Lift

Although thus far this Southern California winter has been anything but a true winter, it’s still a time when we tend to wear more clothes. Our sleeveless blouses and tank tops are on hiatus. That makes winter a good time to address our loose upper arms.

If you’ve gained and then lost weight, or simply are prone to more tissue slackening, odds are you have some loose skin on the underside of the upper portion of each arm. While you may not have dreaded “bat wings” that flop about when you move your arms, you still may not be satisfied with the lack of firmness in your upper arms. And for many people, there aren’t enough triceps dips in the world to firm this skin up.

An arm lift with Dr. Malamet can firm those arms up, however. Clinically termed brachioplasty, an arm lift removes excess skin and fat from the upper arms.

How does Dr. Malamet perform an arm lift?

In most cases, the incision for an arm lift is lengthy, usually stretching from the elbow all the way up to the underarm. The incision is made either on the backside or the inside of the arm. The location will depend on how much excess skin you have. Once he has made the incision, Dr. Malamet may use minor liposuction to remove unwanted fat, or he may surgically excise it. Once the fat has been removed, he tightens the support tissues in the arm, contouring them with internal sutures. The last step is to re-drape the skin and smooth it to its new, tighter contours.

What will recovery be like?

An arm lift involves a fair amount of tissue repositioning so that you will have bruising and swelling. That’s why Dr. Malamet likes to perform these procedures during the winter months. Your upper arms will look slimmer and tighter immediately. You’ll wear compressions sleeves on your arms for a few weeks. These help the skin and underlying repositioned muscles and tissue to adapt to their new slimmer contours.

This is a satisfying procedure. Your results will endure, unless you gain a large amount of weight, of course. You will have some sagging with natural aging, but your arms will remain slimmer and shapelier for the long haul.

Interested in having an arm lift during these winter months? Call Dr. Malamet at (818) 380-3130 to set up a consultation.