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/Blog / Worried About the Risks? Don’t Suffer in Silence

Worried About the Risks? Don’t Suffer in Silence

Models - 08 copyOne of the biggest problems in the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments these days is that so many people are afraid to speak of the risks. This isn’t just a patient problem, either, as it’s more than a little common to come across surgeons and group practices that shy away from the issue. Admittedly it’s not always the easiest subject to approach, but for surgeons it is in fact part of their sworn duty to highlight, discuss, and generally clarify any and all risks associated with a procedure.

Are there always risks to consider when looking into cosmetic surgery? Of course there are. However, in the vast majority of instances the risks attached are incredibly minor and safety rates border on flawless. Nevertheless, to skirt around the issue or not address all concerns ahead of time is to leave a patient with a head full of worries and uncertainty. At the same time, any surgeon that doesn’t insist on fully disclosing all risks is basically showing himself or herself to be an irresponsible practitioner.

We believe suffering in silence is counterproductive and that full transparency is the only way to run a practice. That’s why, no matter how minor the procedure might be, we refuse to allow any of our clients to sign on the dotted line until they are 100% up to speed with any and all risks, potential side effects, and general insights into the procedure. We’d like to think that this mindset will eventually become the standard for the industry, but until that time you’ll be pleased to know there’s at least one surgeon that’s entirely against the idea of suffering in silence.