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Zap Those Unwanted Hairs!

These days, when you think of lasers, you may think of Han Solo with a blaster in his hand. But you should think of lasers targeting the unwanted hair on your body and face, not Stormtroopers.

Laser hair removal with Dr. Malamet is the way to get rid of that hair permanently.

Lose the grind

The endless process of plucking, waxing, shaving, and using harsh chemicals to get rid of your unwanted hair is like the movie Groundhog Day. Every two weeks or so you do it all over again. And this doesn’t address the side issues such as razor burn and the pain of waxing.

Zap those hairs

laser hair removalLaser hair removal at Dr. Malamet’s is the way to end the cycle, creating permanent hair removal. Our patients have laser removal performed all over their bodies: face, legs, armpits, bikini line, and others areas.

In the procedure, the laser is first calibrated to match your skin tone, hair color, hair thickness, and hair location. Dr. Malamet first tests the settings on a small area before moving to larger, more visible locations. He then uses the handpiece to emit an extremely short burst of laser light onto the skin. On the hair in the area, the light energy travels down the individual hairs and converts into heat. This heat continues downward into the hair follicle, permanently damaging it and preventing or thoroughly decreasing future hair production. There is a slight feeling of a pinprick sensation when the laser light is emitted onto your skin, but we apply a numbing cream prior to the procedure to eliminate pain.


Hair has different phases in its growth cycle, so multiple sessions are required to catch it in the growth phase when the laser is most effective. After your first session, and subsequent sessions, you will notice the hair falling out. But the process isn’t immediate, and can take up to several weeks to fully run its course. But among patients who have returned for an average of 3-5 sessions, over 90% of them experience permanent hair loss in the treated areas.

Ready to ditch the razors and wax? Call us at 818-380-3130 and schedule your laser hair removal appointment.